is a program that teaches Basic English language, for conversation, reading and writing purposes. ETL is intended to provide to refugees all tools they need to learn how to communicate in the English language and express themselves in different situations. Also, the project seeks to empower them and to help them integrate smoothly into the American life and enjoy the freedom and opportunities available in the country. Furthermore, it prepares them for obtaining the American citizenship. Since most of these refugees have never been in school, ETL is the fastest way of bringing them to an elementary level education.

Currently, C-CAAL is looking for donors to sponsor the ETL course. The course is provided by a qualified faculty that speak 3 to 5 foreign languages including the native language of the students. Most students migrated to Houston from the Great Lakes Region of Africa due to war and ethnic conflicts. They speak at least two African languages but do not speak English. These families are struggling to cope and make a life in the United States but without the language they are frustrated. They want to learn English but due to lack of basic elementary education they do not succeed in ESL classes. C-CAAL offered course is meeting their needs but due to lack of employment, most prospective students are not able to pay for it.

We need your help 
To become a sponsor, please contact us by 
e-mail: opengatec@gmail.com or call us at: +1 832-762-6523
The cost is $75 per student.